Astro Products

Astro Products

Beautifully carved Gemstones with Dr. Anil Modi

Dr. Anil Modi is a leading astrology unit in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India that provides its clients with the astrology services that work along with the products such as Gemstones, Yantras, etc directly from the head office in Udaipur. We deal in a vast range of astrological products which are beautifully designed and carved. We enchant some sacred mantras and a highly effective Rudraksha Kawach that secures the Wearer. You have an option to buy Astro Products online from our website.

Customized Astrological products

Being the leading suppliers in India, we supply unique and crafted Astrological products as per the customer’s requirement. Our products that include Gemstones are certified for their genuinity. All our products are purified and Abhimantrit. 

We guarantee that whoever will wear our products, will soon experience something devotional and sacred. he/She will realize that all their agony and pain are getting vanished. Our clients have acknowledged this thing and are grateful to us.

Some of our Products are:

  • Gemstones
  • Rudraksha
  • Kawacha
  • Gold Silver and Copper Plated Yantras
  • Parad Products
  • Malayein


The gemstone is a Natural Mineral or Organic substance which has substantial Beauty, Rarity & Durability. So, Gemstones are Rare, Beautiful & Durable. So they are precious & cherished by everyone. Gemstones are desired & appreciated for their Beauty, Healing Properties & Mystic Power. Gemstones are of two types – Organic & Inorganic-Organic Gemstones comes from the Living source. Pearl, Amber, Ivory, MOP, and Coral are organic gemstones.

  • Inorganic Gemstones are minerals formed within the earth under natural conditions. Most of the gemstones are Inorganic.
  • Gemstones are also classified into Group, Species & Variety.
  • Group: Set of Chemically related Species, with properties more or less similar
  • Species: a set of Gemstone varieties which are chemically same & differ only on Color & Optical Phenomenon
  • Variety: All Varieties that have same Chemical, Physical & Optical Properties and differ only on Color & Optical Phenomenon belong to same Species.

Shubh Gems deals in all Precious & Semi Precious Gemstones. All the gemstones at Shubh Gems are Certified Natural by reputed Gem Testing Laboratory. Buy gemstones online at best Price without any delivery charges. Shubh Gems is a reputed & trusted shop for Natural Gemstones, Gemstone Jewellery, Healing Crystals & Astrological Services. for many years. All Gemstones for sale are pre-certified.


Rudraksha Mala is the seed of Eliocarpus ganitrus tree and holds great importance in the Hindu Mythology. The seeds or beads are weaved together into a Mala of 108 beads which are then used by Saints, Sannyasis or even common people to chant mantras. The meaning of Rudraksha in Sanskrit means Shiva’s teardrops and that’s the reason it has so much of that spiritual value.

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