Our Kavach to protect you

Kavach is considered as your savior from all the evil sources. This product helps to give protection against the various evil effects and evil eyes in life. Some of them also give protection from the negative effects of the planets or from those planets that are wrongly placed in the horoscope. Some of them also help to reduce the malefic effects of various bad Yogas or Doshas which can be seen in the Horoscope.

Get the positive energy with our Kavach

Our clients claim positive energy while wearing this product. They acknowledge this fact that a lot of Positive Energy is generated around whenever they wear it. Our product can be used in every Puja as well as this symbol is placed at any place where we want positive energy to work in our favor. Dr. Anil Modi takes care of its customers and delivers the supreme quality products directly from its store which is in New Delhi, India.

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